Microsoft CTO Kevin Scott on the future of software engineering and the better world ahead

My friend Kevin Scott has a unique vantage point from which to speak about the future of software engineering. He is a very gifted and accomplished man who serves as CTO at Microsoft, but his career as a software engineer spans several years and a variety of different roles in companies both large and small.

If you take the time to listen in to this conversation, you’ll hear his story — which began in a tiny town in Virginia. From his first personal computer (from Radio Shack), of his interest in technology and aspirations to become a university professor to that time when he applied at a company called Google. Please, take the time to listen.

Outline of This Episode


Kevin Scott, Microsoft CTO

Fellow photography lover, Kevin Scott, is the new chief technology officer of Microsoft. He comes to Microsoft after spending time at AdMob, Google and LinkedIn. All around great guy! Made with Lecia SL and Leica f2/50mm Summicron APO.

Kevin Scott, chief technology officer of Microsoft (left) with Jonathan Heliger, founder of Vertex Ventures (right). Made with Lecia SL and Leica f2/50mm Summicron APO.