If we can’t trust Apple, who can we trust?

I recently wrote about Kickstarter, my once beloved crowdfunding platform, which previously seemed like the future of collaborative creativity. It has now become an engine of disappointment, mostly because it didn’t do enough to maintain trust in its platform. It is a story that has repeated across the technology landscape, where in the pursuit of … Continue reading If we can’t trust Apple, who can we trust?

Kickstarter’s progress

In May 2012 when I published an interview with Perry Chen, co-founder of Kickstarter, the revolutionary platform of economic change, it had 23,000 finished projects to its credit. Today it has nearly 30,000 projects. Or roughly 60 projects finished per day. To me that seems like progress – don’t you think?  Continue reading Kickstarter’s progress

Creativity & Connectivity

I feel like we’re used to this industrial creative complex of movie studios, record labels and production houses. It wasn’t always that way. This is relatively recent in human history. People have been creating art for tens of thousands of years. Artists have always been hustlers, too. A lot of the things that you’re seeing … Continue reading Creativity & Connectivity