Apple vs Amazon: The difference is in the little things

I am a big fan of Amazon’s Kindle devices, especially the really cheap $79 version which comes with a WiFi connection. I have been carrying this along with me as I travel across the planet. I have become increasingly frustrated with the device because I am unable to connect to the Internet.

Most airport lounges and public locations want you to sign-in through a browser page. On Kindle’s browser, that is like cleaning your nails with a butcher’s knife. I have tried and tried and failed. It is frustrating to say the least.

And that is the crucial difference between them and Apple. Apple as a company anticipates these problems because it makes hardware to delight its customers. That is what they do – apps, music, videos and books come second. Amazon on the other hand is making hardware to sell other products – books and digital content – and as such optimizes its experience around selling. That is their corporate DNA. doesn’t know how to anticipate such irritants. I hope Jeff Bezos and his troops think harder about these little things as they continue to roll out more hardware.