A San Francisco Refuge


Don Edwards San Francisco Bay Wildlife Refuge in the DogPatch/India Basin region is one of my favorite spots to make photos in the city. I usually use my iPhone, but occasionally I take my big camera. I walk up and down the beautiful path and think about things that need thinking. This photo was made with my Leica SL and Leica f2/50 APO Summicron, my favorite lens. The light was a bit meh, but Leica captures so much in the raw files and a little bit of modification is all you need to turn this into magic.

How time moves in Napa Valley 

I have a weird fascination with rusting things – especially vehicles. Reminder of how we as humans destroy nature’s perfection with our ideas of creation. Made with Leica SL and Leica f2/Summicron APO. Customized the look via a Kodachrome 70s preset using the RNI Films app.