iA Writer has no focus, or vision, for what they want to be. There’s a little bit of the hyper popular wiki-style linked notes apps (Craft, Notion, Mem, Obsidian, and all those who came before). There’s a little bit of the historical writing interface that iA Writer made obscenely popular. And then there’s this sense … Continue reading Just say no!

I was saddened by the passing of young and exciting new designer Virgil Abloh. He was so young and fresh in his thinking about pop culture and how it intersected with fashion. I had met him a while ago at the launch of the Apple Watch, and we talked about sneakers and pop culture. It … Continue reading Tourists vs Purists

Philosophy of Change

Pip Coburn, a good friend of mine offers some great advise: “the power is in doing one thing right, tweaking our application of that one method but not switching from philosophy to philosophy. We just don’t think we will be any good at that.” Imagine that in context of successful companies say Apple, Porsche, Gucci … Continue reading Philosophy of Change