Kevin Scott, Microsoft CTO

Fellow photography lover, Kevin Scott, is the new chief technology officer of Microsoft. He comes to Microsoft after spending time at AdMob, Google and LinkedIn. All around great guy! Made with Lecia SL and Leica f2/50mm Summicron APO.

Kevin Scott, chief technology officer of Microsoft (left) with Jonathan Heliger, founder of Vertex Ventures (right). Made with Lecia SL and Leica f2/50mm Summicron APO.

Evolution of a founder: a Slideshare Report Card

Last week I shared a powerpoint presentation to accompany my blog post, Evolution of a founder, that chronicled my journey as a startup founder and lessons I made and mistakes that defined my thinking. The blog post itself was shared extensively on the social media. But it was Slideshare that made it massive. Here is the report card

  • Hit the top presentations and was featured on the front page. 
  • Over 105,000 views. There were 87,000+ views on, while rest of them were embed views. 
  • 601 downloads, 73 favorites and 23 comments and 47 embeds. 

It is great to get the stats with so much meaning and I believe LinkedIn made a very smart decision when they picked up this company, especially as they try to focus hard on content

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