ManSpaces & Three Tips To Make Your Manspace Unique

Sam Martin, senior editor at frog design and the editor-in-chief of design mind magazine who authored Manspace: A Primal Guide to Marking Your Territory spoke at TED about the need for a manspace, which is a space that is “custom-built hangout where a man can work, play and generally be himself.”

I have always had tried to have a manspace of my own. As a teen, I had a little mezzanine floor room, where I rocked out listening to Deep Purple, Judah Priest and Pink Floyd on my record player. As an immigrant, for the first six odd years I didn’t have the luxury of a “manspace.”

Later I used a corner of a bedroom, kitchen and eventually an office as a manspace. They weren’t quite me, mostly because I was sharing my apartment with a childhood buddy. After moving to San Francisco, I have lived alone, but never got around to personalizing, up until this summer when I moved into a new apartment. Now it is all one giant manspace — designed with the help from a couple of friends.

Designing a manspace is not easy. So I asked my friend Sayeh Pezeshki who runs a superb blog, The Office Stylist if she had any advise. Sure enough: she offered three simple but very vital steps to creating your “Manspace”: Continue reading “ManSpaces & Three Tips To Make Your Manspace Unique”