Traveling light

I am on my way to Germany for a couple of events – HyBerlin (in Berlin) and then to DLD in Munich – and as I wait in the airport to board my flight, I started thinking about how my travel behavior has changed in last few months. I spent a lot of my time … Continue reading Traveling light

Happy Birthday Matt

Happy birthday Matt Mullenweg, spark plug of the WordPress movement. We met a long time ago when WordPress had a handful of users, I switched and in the process found myself a best friend. It is great to see him grow from a gangly teenager to a confident young man who has made an impact … Continue reading Happy Birthday Matt

That Matt Kid

photomatt aka Matt Mullenweg is still the very same guy. There is no one I know who applauds other people’s success that Matt. I am just glad he is in my life and is a friend. ‘I remember him being a very happy kid, always had a smile on his face, kind of like the way … Continue reading That Matt Kid

Checkout Jazz Quotes

My buddy (and WordPress founder/creator) Matt Mullenweg ( aka@photomatt on Twitter) has launched Jazz Quotes – a site dedicated to awesome quotes from jazz-y types. If you are a jazz fan, you are going to love reading the musings of some of the biggest name in Jazz. I love this comment by Miles Davis: “When … Continue reading Checkout Jazz Quotes