“Publishers are essentially ghostwriters for the Facebook News destination. Becoming dependent upon the aggregator means forfeiting control of your destiny. But with everything subject to Facebook’s shifting attitudes, it will be like publishers trying to play bocce during an earthquake,” writes Josh Constine in Techcrunch on how Facebook has abused the media industry time and again. Really good article and worth a read.

Media’s Blame Game

Earlier this week, the New York Post reported that the cover of the July 29th issue of Time magazine, which celebrates the 50th anniversary of the Apollo mission to the moon, is “brought to you by Jimmy Dean” and features a front cover flap with “an ad on its underside ‘celebrating 50 years of quality sausage.’” The decades have certainly been kinder to sausage than they have to magazines. This is just the latest indignity to be suffered by a former property of Time Inc., which itself has been dismantled and sold off like pieces of scrap metal to other publishers, who are now primarily in the business of strip-mining for consumer profile data.

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Journalism Problem #1

Jill Abramson, former editor of The New York Times:

“From four years of teaching at Harvard, so many of my students are interested in journalism, but they mostly want to write first-person, highly personal narratives about themselves. That may reflect their age. But I think there’s too much of that in journalism. It’s not about us. It’s about the world, and covering the world.”

This has been my biggest gripe with the media establishment. Everything is about them, not about the news.

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Yesterday’s Terabyte

Less than a fortnight ago, the proverbial airwaves and media web were falling all over themselves, chastising Facebook and its data addiction, which allowed the company to amass data on over two billion people. The insidious impact of the data and Facebook was all the object of moral outrage.

Fast forward to this week, all that has been conveniently forgotten – replaced by happy, shiny headlines from Facebook’s annual festival of self-aggrandization, F8. Add to that an earnings report that sent Wall Street into raptures and pushed the stock higher, not too far from its all-time high of about $194 a share. Morality and ethics have no place in this perpetual profit machine. Continue reading “Yesterday’s Terabyte”

My Top 25 Daily Tech Reporters

I often get asked — who are your favorite technology journalists. I don’t know how to answer that question: they are all good on any given day. Some are great at writing features. Others are just fantastic on a day-to-day basis, displaying a broad sense of understanding. Some are just a great combination of all those characteristics — and here my current top 25 favorite reporters, neatly curated as a  Twitter List of my top 25 reporters who cover technology.

Why? Because they keep me informed on all aspects of the technology industry on a daily basis. They create a comprehensive, 360-degree view of the industry. I have not included subscription-only services such as The Information — I don’t subscribe. I did at one point but wasn’t reading it that much. I also excluded people who didn’t share work of other writers. These 25 people do a good job of being selective and judicious in amplifying and sharing essential reads. This is a role every successful modern journalist has to play. (Related: Amplification and the changing role of media.)

When creating this list, I was looking to recreate the “technology section” of a daily newspaper with the reporters who got the important stories pretty much on a daily basis. The right way to improve this list is to include folks who dig deeper into the financial aspects of companies and the impact of changes in technology on public market equities. But there aren’t many in the tech-media game who are doing that on a daily basis.

I am always open to adding more people, but I find that by forcing myself to pick 25, I am getting a better signal. There are three ex-GigaOmers in the list — that’s not bias, for there are about 15 other ex-GigOmers who are not on the list. They are just good.

Follow my list of the top 25 reporters to stay on top of the latest technology news, trends, and analysis.

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