Random Sunday musings — triggered by wide-ranging opinions about Neil Young, Joe Rogan, Spotify, freedom of speech, and censorship. What should be a nuanced and thoughtful debate has now been reduced to headlines, hot takes &, tweets. Even intelligent people have lost the plot and, in the process, have lost their sheen. Virulence is conflated with virality. It is sad, considering social media was an opportunity for us to tell the story of ourselves.

Since we control what we say, how we say it when we say it, and about what & whom we say, our words define us. With our words and our social presence, we can be anything – the choice is ours.

One can be:

• An idiotic version of yourself.
• A fake version of yourself.
• Or an authentic version of yourself.

Being authentic is hard. Social doesn’t reward it with engagement. No one likes, retweets, or appreciates the factuality. Instead, we have come programmed to create endless moments of outrage, faux opinions, and triggers so we can generate some or any reaction. If only we paused to think “meaning,” not “metrics,” we all might be better.

February 6, 2022. San Francisco.