… tells only half-truths. And thus the full truth isn’t as fragrant as my wistful reminiscence. Most of those skyscrapers are abandoned. The cornfields are subsumed by cookie-cutter suburbia. And the house that raised me is boarded up after decades of disrepair.

Nostalgia is a rose-colored rearview. Not only does it falsely represent the past, keeping us clinging to a two-dimensional version of life that didn’t actually exist, it dampens the present and clouds the future.

Photo: Helsinki 2017. Made with Fuji x100F and converted to B&W using Nik Software Silver Efex Pro 

Instrmnt 01: Minimalist Delight

Instrmnt, a Glasgow-based design house with minimalist philosophy has created this wonderful looking watch. I really like its design. It is powered by a Swiss Rhonda 538 Quartz movement, so it is not really fine machinery. However, it is just a great design. The 40 mm watch comes in three finishes — gun metal, brushed silver and rose gold. I like the rose gold the best I think they could have done better with the straps. The straps don’t look very polished/finished. I don’t know how much it might cost — I am guessing around $350-$450, which is typical price for similar products.