Intel’s Mobile Problem

Apple’s partnership with Intel to develop a 5G iPhone was not going well, and the writing has been on the wall for some time. It didn’t surprise anyone when Apple had to eat humble pie and settle its patent disputes with Qualcomm. (Daring Fireball has a good analysis of the situation.) This has been a costly blunder — for Apple, at least. Qualcomm is expecting a $2-a-share boost in its earnings as a result of the settlement.

While a lot of digital ink has been spilled on Apple’s retreat, somewhat lost in the shuffle is Intel’s failing grade when it comes to cashing in on mobile opportunities. Soon after the arrangement with Apple fell apart, Intel announced that it was exiting the 5G mobile modem business. This move was undoubtedly related to losing their only customer of consequence. To be sure, the Cupertino Counts can be demanding customers. But without Apple’s orders, Intel can’t pay for the ever-increasing costs of a cutting-edge chip fabrication plant. Continue reading “Intel’s Mobile Problem”