Tuscany (2014)

Summer 2014 was the first time I took a real vacation and went to Tuscany, Italy. I wasn’t really obsessed with photography the way I am right now, and was using a simple point-and-shoot camera, Sony RX-100 (Mark II).

At that time, I was randomly snapping photos, and was still trying to figure out composition, exposure and light. However, it was during the wee hours of this one morning when I felt that I had found what I was looking for in my photo — mystery of life. I fell in love with the amalgation of “roads, fog and perceived silence of the journey.” Since then, I have been refining that thought process and have endlessly stopped in places unknown to take in the view, make a photo or two, and then carry on.

I converted some of these JPEGs to B&W images using the Nik Software’s Silver EFx Pro 2 software and then asked two of my photographer friends – Kevin Scott and Mark Kawano to pick their favorites from about 15 photos. The top three were picked by both Mark and Kevin.


…Mark liked these…


… and Kevin liked these…


Made with Sony RX-100 MK11. Converted to B&W with Silver EFx Pro2