How time moves in Napa Valley 

I have a weird fascination with rusting things – especially vehicles. Reminder of how we as humans destroy nature’s perfection with our ideas of creation. Made with Leica SL and Leica f2/Summicron APO. Customized the look via a Kodachrome 70s preset using the RNI Films app. 

Big Sur to Pittsburgh to Big Apple: What a week!

It has been quite a whirlwind of a week. Last weekend I was in Big Sur, celebrating (and officiating) the wedding of my dear friend Steve Jang and his lovely bride, Margaret DesGaines. It also meant an opportunity to enjoy the rugged beauty of Big Sur and the California coastline. A week later, I was up in Napa, to spend what was a relaxing weekend with a handful of friends to celebrate my 50th birthday. Instead, Matt (Mullenweg) surprised me by a (almost a) surprise party (first in 50 years) with collection of some of my closest friends. That was the best gift ever – plus to have it in my favorite spot in the wine country – Bottega of Yountville was even more amazing. Continue reading “Big Sur to Pittsburgh to Big Apple: What a week!”

A day in Napa in photos

After a long hectic week, it was time to take a little break and went up to the Napa Wine Country. It was a great day – warm in the sun, chilly in the shade. The only blemish on this perfect day – I couldn’t get to visit Cakebread Cellars, probably my favorite vineyard. I just love taking photos and Napa is perfect for that. Here is a set of photos snapped with my iPhone 5. Enjoy!

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