Better together, here on earth and in space

We are stronger as a result of our diversity – not weakened by it. Humanity evolved elsewhere – not in America. As such we are all immigrants. Full stop. We have had a space station in orbit for decades that is the collaborative effort of many nations. When political strife fractures relationships on Earth, space keeps them intact. Small wonder that the ISS has been nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize (recently endorsed by NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine)……

….We’ve all seen those Star Trek episodes where worlds fall into chaos, tear themselves apart, and play only a negative role in the overall legacy of the universe. Let’s not do that. We need to do the right thing. — Keith Cowing 

I really liked Keith’s short and to the point commentary.

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Net neutrality debate & today’s legislative challenges

Yesterday, when Mr. President announced his support for network neutrality, the Internet exploded with many emotions — joy, outrage and surprise. People on either side of the divide shared their opinions via tweets, blog posts and Facebook messages. My own take on the announcement expressed through a single tweet was that of cautious skepticism. I … Continue reading Net neutrality debate & today’s legislative challenges