2015: NatGeo Photo Contest Winners

National Geographic has released its 2015 photo contest winners. This is superlative work and a rude reminder of the price of our destructive economic practices.¬†Find a few minutes to savor every one of these photos in three official categories — People, Places, and Nature. My favorite thing on the Internet right now! [NatGeo]

What the new iPhone 6S (+) Cameras can do

Apple spent a lot of time and energy on boosting the camera/visual capabilities of the forthcoming iPhone 6S and 6S-Plus. All the specs are one thing, but seeing it in the hands of professional photographers is a quite a different story. National Geographic is going to run a special feature later this week, but photographer Mark Leong has shared some of them on his Instagram account. ) Sports Illustrated has some photos as well.¬†Vogue magazine covered the NYFW with the New iPhone 6s Plus. For me, camera is the only reason for an upgrade. I don’t see any other reason to upgrade from the current phone, which I guess will become my second phone, come Friday.