We take the Internet for granted. We take the commercial Internet for granted. What we don’t appreciate is how far we have come from where it all started. Here is a long watch — a video that captures the Internet’s journey and how it got to today. This is the coffee break you need. 

Facebook, Fake News & Zuckerberg’s Response

Photo by @Om (http://om.co)

Mark Zuckerberg, after a heated debate (which even had US President Obama weighing in) on the issue of fake news and its role in modern politics and the future of democracy in our networked society, has broken his silence. In a message posted on Facebook, he listed a variety of measures Facebook is taking in order to fight the scourge of fake news. For about a week or so, Facebook and Zuckerberg have been saying that they don’t want to interfere with news and they don’t want to act like censors.  Continue reading “Facebook, Fake News & Zuckerberg’s Response”