Hello San Francisco

Things have been quiet around here. I was traveling — New York, to be precise. I left my computer behind and was busy meeting people in real life, despite the nasty cold weather. It is good to be back in San Francisco and experience some glorious weather and sunshine. Here are some photos from an early morning walk to the top of the Bernal Hill Park. (If you are intrigued by the chairs and that table, then you can find out more in my Storehouse story.) They were snapped with my Sony RX-1 camera. It is fun getting to know this camera, all over again.

Invisible Walls

New York City is a terribly divided place, where the income gap between rich people and poor people seems to be increasing by the day; you can live your whole life here and never befriend anyone on the opposite end of the financial spectrum.…. in New York, wealthy neighborhoods are separated by distinct geographical boundaries, and … Continue reading Invisible Walls