Invisible Walls

New York City is a terribly divided place, where the income gap between rich people and poor people seems to be increasing by the day; you can live your whole life here and never befriend anyone on the opposite end of the financial spectrum.…. in New York, wealthy neighborhoods are separated by distinct geographical boundaries, and … Continue reading Invisible Walls

New York, March 2014

Every year in the month of March Gigaom hosts its annual Structure Data conference in New York. It is a great opportunity for me to visit my favorite city and catch up with friends. Every year, I get to the city a day ahead and I stay back a day later. This year, with slightly more freedom and flexibility in my schedule, I decided to spend about eight days in the city. It was a chance to connect with quite a few of my friends. Continue reading “New York, March 2014”

Leffot turns 5. Congrats Steven

Being as shoe-obsessed as I am, I know my shoe stores. And I can tell you one thing — New York-based Leffot is one of a kind store. So unique in both its ability to bring together great shoe brands, and at the same time, edit together a beautiful selection that appeals to wide-range of shoe lovers. And the reason for that is Steven Taffel, who in past life worked for Prada. He is a connoisseurs’ connoisseur. An avid shoe collector himself, he is a walking encyclopedia when it comes to shoes. He started the store because of his love for the shoes (and also to opt out of the fashion rat-race.) I interviewed Steven for a story and in the process we became friends. Continue reading “Leffot turns 5. Congrats Steven”


New York is one place where I get a break from the routine and get some time to contemplate. Ironic, considering that New York City is the urban equivalent of Twitter – constant distractions, noisy and full of spectacles and spectacular. The obvious benefit: walking five miles a day results in me losing between 5-7 … Continue reading Mirror

New York Bound

It has been four months since I last visited New York City. I had decided to give the city a pass. I didn’t want to spend more than necessary time in a cold city, considering I was going to be in Paris, Berlin and Munich, all cold and somewhat gray cities in the winter. I … Continue reading New York Bound

New York, Spring 2012

Through some strange turn of events, I am leaving New York and heading to San Francisco on March 23rd. It was this very same day, nine years ago, I left the city I called home from the minute I came to the united States. In nine years, the city has changed. Never did I imagine … Continue reading New York, Spring 2012