New York, March 2014

Every year in the month of March Gigaom hosts its annual Structure Data conference in New York. It is a great opportunity for me to visit my favorite city and catch up with friends. Every year, I get to the city a day ahead and I stay back a day later. This year, with slightly more freedom and flexibility in my schedule, I decided to spend about eight days in the city. It was a chance to connect with quite a few of my friends. Continue reading “New York, March 2014”

Leffot turns 5. Congrats Steven

Being as shoe-obsessed as I am, I know my shoe stores. And I can tell you one thing — New York-based Leffot is one of a kind store. So unique in both its ability to bring together great shoe brands, and at the same time, edit together a beautiful selection that appeals to wide-range of shoe lovers. And the reason for that is Steven Taffel, who in past life worked for Prada. He is a connoisseurs’ connoisseur. An avid shoe collector himself, he is a walking encyclopedia when it comes to shoes. He started the store because of his love for the shoes (and also to opt out of the fashion rat-race.) I interviewed Steven for a story and in the process we became friends. Continue reading “Leffot turns 5. Congrats Steven”


New York is one place where I get a break from the routine and get some time to contemplate. Ironic, considering that New York City is the urban equivalent of Twitter – constant distractions, noisy and full of spectacles and spectacular. The obvious benefit: walking five miles a day results in me losing between 5-7 … Continue reading Mirror

New York Bound

It has been four months since I last visited New York City. I had decided to give the city a pass. I didn’t want to spend more than necessary time in a cold city, considering I was going to be in Paris, Berlin and Munich, all cold and somewhat gray cities in the winter. I … Continue reading New York Bound