Virtual Unreality

Virtual Reality sometimes feels like the boy who cried wolf. Doesn’t it feel like we have been talking about VR and its amazing potential forever? The $2 billion acquisition of Oculus by Facebook made the world take VR even more seriously. And I admit, I have not been immune from the hype. I’ve tried all the headsets. In most cases, I wore my eyeglasses, and the whole experience made me, well, unsteady. But I like new technologies — even the ones that make me literally throw up — and I remain enthusiastic about it. Continue reading “Virtual Unreality”

What I am reading today

How tech became the enemy — then (dot com) and now. [Ellen Huet] Our routers, ourselves. [Paul Ford] Facebook, Ego and Oculus Rift. [Michael Mace] Why Facebook’s acquisition of Oculus still seems unfair. [David Banks] New Jersey wants the 45 Mbps Verizon Promised 20 years ago. [Karl Bode] Why Alibaba could be way more valuable … Continue reading What I am reading today