Five posts for startup founders

In 2011, I took a stab at focusing my writing only on few but important topics — topics that kept me intellectually engaged and I cared deeply. The idea was to create a column/email called Om Says. It was a good experiment for it allowed me to be selective. In 2011, I published 70 Om Says. More importantly, many of you engaged – be it on Twitter or in the comments section of the blog or via email. Those conversations, helped trigger new thinking.

At the end of 2011, when I look back, I am still pleased with the topic choices I made. Though I wish I had spent more time on headlines and did a better job of self editing. But that is something to look forward to in 2012. I guess despite 10-years of blogging, I have quite mastered it quite yet.

Earlier this morning I shared my top dozen picks for 2011 with readers over on GigaOM, but here I want to share some posts I think would be extremely useful for fellow entrepreneurs and startup founders. These are are based on my own personal observations.