Jude Fulton

Jude Fulton is the co-founder of MakeTrays.com, a new way of creating mood boards, especially for those who are interested in interior design, or shopping for furniture for their homes. She has big plans for her San Francisco-based company, so stay tuned. I first met her through my friends at Front Cafe, who forwarded me her amazing photos for a feature I was working on at the time.  Continue reading “Jude Fulton”


I have just started a new Instagram account, OmPicks, where I will share the stores of people who fascinate me. Some are friends, some are folks from different walks of life and some are just interesting. There isn’t any theme – except these B&W portraits are made by me. If you are curious, follow along on Instagram. Here is my first pick for the series: Shak! Continue reading “Shak”