5 stories I recommend that are worth reading

Three Mushers, one blizzard, and the world’s hardest dog sled race. No, this is not about Iditarod, but about the 1,000-mile long Yukon Quest. Great and fun read from Deadspin. Ofo-oh! China’s unicorns built up and ruined China’s bicycle manufacturing hub. The bust is impacting small businesses and upending individuals’ lives. This is good reporting … Continue reading 5 stories I recommend that are worth reading

Some Good Reads

Summer is almost here. And soon, we will be wearing the Polo Shirt. Maybe it is time you learn about the history of the Polo Shirt. Right? Did IBM Watson overpromise and underdeliver on AI healthcare? IEEE Spectrum digs into what some of us always thought was really just one big marketing push — or as … Continue reading Some Good Reads