A Good Teacher

A good teacher is less of a teacher and more of a mentor. She always teaches you by asking the right questions that help you learn about yourself. And then improve from that point forward. You need to trust your teacher and believe you share a common interest to get there. It begins with acknowledging … Continue reading A Good Teacher

7 Stories Worth Reading

What makes Pharell so awesome (and amazing). Find out! Boris Johnson, British Prime Minister? Seriously. How did this happen? How San Francisco broke America’s heart. Well, for starters, the headline is a bit hyperbolic, and there are some generalizations. Other than that, a very good article ruminating on the City by the Bay. People blame … Continue reading 7 Stories Worth Reading

Facebook Readies for Washington

Earlier this week, Bloomberg Technology host Emily Chang asked me where I think Facebook will be in a year. My answer: Pretty much where it is now. It will be unchanged or even emboldened, thanks in part to its new strategy of buying protection in Washington. Like many other industries — for example, tobacco and oil — Facebook has figured out that it can help write regulations that will allow it to exist blissfully and put its competitors at a disadvantage. Continue reading “Facebook Readies for Washington”

Some Good Reads

We often hear talk about racial bias in artificial intelligence. This week, I read an article that reinforced my belief that all technology has a bias. Take photography as an example. I have to admit, Wired UK is the Wired I want to read all the time. I mean, who else would publish a riveting … Continue reading Some Good Reads

5 Great Reads

The Parsi Sweet Tooth: If you don’t know about the Parsees, then you should learn more about them. They are a very unique people and part of the demographic quilt that is India. They do so many things well (so, perhaps it comes as no surprise that Queen’s Freddy Mercury came from a Parsi family). … Continue reading 5 Great Reads

The Golden Age of Half-Truths

Long ago, in a time before the iPad, YouTube and even the Internet, we our entertainment came from stories told to us in books or by our parents and grandparents. Some kids were lucky enough to have access to magical, technological marvels like televisions and radios, but we were not that class of people. My mother used to read me stories from Indian mythology, and nothing got me more excited than the Mahabharata. Decades later, whenever I find myself thinking a lot about the difficulty of distinguishing what is actually real in our modern news cycles, I often go back to one of the stories in that epic tale.

Here is the CliffsNotes version: Continue reading “The Golden Age of Half-Truths”

What’s Worth Reading

This selections are from weekly newsletter, that is shared with subscribers over the weekend. “It doesn’t matter how many people hate your brand as long as enough people love it.” Phil Knight, Nike. WHAT I READ THIS WEEK Amazon’s Antitrust Paradox: Lina Khan’s been reading my journal, or so it seems because I am in … Continue reading What’s Worth Reading