The Golden Age of Half-Truths

Long ago, in a time before the iPad, YouTube and even the Internet, we our entertainment came from stories told to us in books or by our parents and grandparents. Some kids were lucky enough to have access to magical, technological marvels like televisions and radios, but we were not that class of people. My mother used to read me stories from Indian mythology, and nothing got me more excited than the Mahabharata. Decades later, whenever I find myself thinking a lot about the difficulty of distinguishing what is actually real in our modern news cycles, I often go back to one of the stories in that epic tale.

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That old sweater

Like the Patagonia jackets preferred by its residents, San Francisco too likes to bundle up under a puffer of clouds. San Francisco clouds are not fluffy like the ones in Umbria. They aren’t high clouds like those that dot the Midwest skies. Instead they are low altitude stratus clouds, born offshore over the ocean and whisked … Continue reading That old sweater