Why United States Political Shitshow (USPS) is far from over

A country that doesn’t hesitate to drop $700 billion on its war machine now finds itself quibbling over $10 billion to run a very essential service. Of course, a lot of this talk about shrinking the United States Postal Service has nothing to do with its budgetary shortfalls. It is yet another example of short-term … Continue reading Why United States Political Shitshow (USPS) is far from over

The Sunglass Mafia 

Silicon Valley insiders often talk about the PayPal mafia — a motley crew that came together at PayPal and then went on to build great companies, big venture firms and continues to wield outsized influence in the technology industry. From much-beloved icons such as Elon Musk to the controversial (and brilliant) Peter Thiel, the list is pretty long. PayPal, however, isn’t unique as a petri dish of innovation and launch pad for future businesses. Let me tell you about one such company that helped create the Sunglass Mafia. Continue reading “The Sunglass Mafia “