Pico Shorts: Mark Cho

I’d like to introduce you to my new Pi.co shorts series, where I sit down with voracious readers to chat about their reading and information consumption habits in today’s world. My first interview in this series is with Mark Cho, a menswear industry entrepreneur who splits his time between London, New York and Hong Kong and is one of my favorite people to talk to about everything from art to food and obviously fashion. Among other topics, we discuss social sharing, essential blogs and publications and the ritual of reading a book. I enjoyed my conversation with Mark, and hopefully you will too.

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Pico Interview # 15: Chris Young


Let me introduce you to Chris Young, a rare combination of inventor, entrepreneur and chef. He is the co-author of Modernist Cuisine: The Art and Science of Cookingand the co-founder of ChefSteps, a Seattle-based company that invents appliances and develops cooking methodologies befitting the postindustrial society. ChefSteps recently introduced Joule, a small and easy-to-use sous vide tool, the first of many of the products planned by Young and his team of over 50 chefs, scientists, photographers, writers and engineers.  Continue reading “Pico Interview # 15: Chris Young”

My 2015 begins!

The New Year has a two-day stubble. I am looking forward to a new year — hopeful about what is to come — though my wish list includes more technological breakthroughs that make networks faster and smarter. I am hopeful for breakthroughs that help chips get smarter, smaller and less power hungry. And even more … Continue reading My 2015 begins!

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The internet is inevitable. I don’t mean just the hypnosis of your Instagram feed but how broadband and optical technologies allow everything to be connected. I’ve watched this grow since the mid-1990s, and today we are more connected more often in more places. The digitization of the physical world may have started slowly, but now we can find a digital heartbeat in even the most inanimate of objects. And it is changing how we live, work, create, consume, imagine, travel, and even cure ourselves. (more…)