Porto, Portugal, is one of my favorite cities. Whenever I am there, I like to get lost in its streets, and often it is before Porto itself wakes up. And on rare occasions when I find myself walking the streets during the day, I leave my camera in the hotel room. Instead, I use the iPhone and its incredible camera to capture a slice of this whimsical and wonderful city. Here is a subset of photos I snapped on a 36-hour-visit to this most lovely of all cities. All photos with my iPhone & edited with Darkroom App.

Veniam wants to move the internet

joaobarrosJon Callaghan, who sits on my board and has been my coach in the venture world, often says that the best opportunities are the ones that you know when you see them. His words were ringing in my ears when I first met João Barros for coffee in San Francisco in June of this year. João is the co-founder and chief executive of Veniam, the newest member of True Ventures’ family. True is leading a $4.9 million Series A round of funding with participation from Union Square Ventures, Cane Ventures, and a few private investors. I represent True on the board of directors. Continue reading “Veniam wants to move the internet”