In era of instant experts, only the test of time really matters

Erik Torenberg, one of the partners with Village Global, recently tweeted that “startup investing’s weird bc it takes 10+ yrs to be great—not bc of skills gained but bc of feedback loops. You could invest for 3 yrs, be a beginner, go in a coma for 7 yrs, come back & be known as an ‘expert’, despite the same level of skill.” He then asked if there were examples of other fields where this could happen.

While he was focused on venture capital, I wonder if he was unknowingly getting to a more universal truth. Just because someone labels you as an “expert” doesn’t mean you are one. People get a lot of credit these days for stumbling onto things that may very well have happened had they been standing there or not. In addition to luck and talent, it takes time to become actually good or great at something. It’s not so much the 10,000-hour theory that is popular these days, but rather it’s about learning the lessons that only time can reveal. Continue reading “In era of instant experts, only the test of time really matters”

To Feel Alive

To feel without inhibition, without cynicism, without jadedness, without the incessant need to find humor, to trivialize, to share, or to otherwise subdue an emotion; to allow unbridled emotion the power and the opportunity to subdue you, is what it takes—at least for me—to not just be alive, but to feel alive. Guy Tal. Continue reading To Feel Alive