Twitter is fun and frustrating. And convenient for bit size observations. I am going to start collating (and editing) some of my tweets for archival purposes. “Droppings” is as good a moniker as any, so why not! 

  • You read this piece by @mattbirchler, and you realize that @Apple has become everything Steve Jobs used to mock. The idea of not shipping a charger with the iPhone 12 has nothing to do with reducing waste. It is to goose the bottom line. #
  • For a minute, I thought this was @mcsweeneys, but no, this is the reality in 2020. “Through their actions, state leaders have long showed that they believe too many Texans are voting rather than too few and that voting is too convenient and safe rather than too burdensome and risky.” Texas Monthly#
  • A local issue with more significant implications, and I appreciate the moral stand taken by @ljin18  against Prop 22. I am with Li Jin. #
  • As someone biased towards many shades of blue, this piece by @BasicAppleGuy  was quite fun to scroll through. #