Writing is an intellectual contact sport, similar insome respects to football. The effort required can beexhausting, the goal unreached, and you are hurt onalmost every play; but that doesn’t deprive a man ora boy from getting peculiar pleasures form thegame.” The Silent Season of a Hero, Gay Talese Continue reading Is writing a contact sport?

I was saddened by the passing of young and exciting new designer Virgil Abloh. He was so young and fresh in his thinking about pop culture and how it intersected with fashion. I had met him a while ago at the launch of the Apple Watch, and we talked about sneakers and pop culture. It … Continue reading Tourists vs Purists

I get bored easily—no less with my own ideas than with those of others. Writing for me is a process of constantly throwing out stuff that doesn’t seem interesting enough.  Janet Malcolm Janet Malcolm, a writer for The New Yorker, and author of several books, passed away last week. Malcolm was known for her, how … Continue reading Janet Malcolm on writing, journalism

Nine years ago yesterday, Steve Jobs, co-founder of Apple, died. He is gone, but never far from my mind. I am not alone, for all the right reasons. I often think about him and his approach to products. And not to mention some great quotes and wisdom he left behind in his many interviews. I wrote The … Continue reading Still thinking about Steve

To Feel Alive

To feel without inhibition, without cynicism, without jadedness, without the incessant need to find humor, to trivialize, to share, or to otherwise subdue an emotion; to allow unbridled emotion the power and the opportunity to subdue you, is what it takes—at least for me—to not just be alive, but to feel alive. Guy Tal. Continue reading To Feel Alive