When I see a landscape, all I see is a dreamscape. And that is when I know it is time for me to press the shutter. Here is a vintage photo from 2019, when I last visited Utah. I hope to go back soon. This is reimagined with a new preset I recently developed with … Continue reading A Salty Dreamscape

When Doves Smile

Rebecca Lily, who has helped me with my photo coloring grading in the past with custom presets, has now released a new set of presets (Pro Set VI) for Lightroom and Adobe Camera Raw. These are a fabulous new addition to her pre-existing lineup of products and are worth checking out. This is the latest … Continue reading When Doves Smile

Life-changing magic of a bespoke preset

A few months back, when visiting Portland, Maine, I got a chance to spend time with Rebecca Lily and Johnny Patience, two talented photographers and visual artists. They have eschewed the obvious and the normal and instead carved out their trail through life, work, and creativity. Bijan Sabet, who is also a fellow photography enthusiast made the introductions. Dan Rubin, another stellar photographer, reinforced the relationship.

Those early introductions turned into a friendship, the kind where you are honest about yourself, your challenges and your fears. Over a coffee and some pastries in their favorite cafe in the city of Bath, Maine, we talked about photography. In particular, I spoke about my frustration with the time required to edit photos, when in reality one should be spending more time with the camera. Continue reading “Life-changing magic of a bespoke preset”