The Quiet

Sometimes, just sometimes I have some understanding how a musician or an actor must feel after a performance. There is a definite emotional high that comes from the anticipation of going on stage and then performing in front of an audience. You are zeroed in on giving the best you can during the time you … Continue reading The Quiet

13 of my favorite quotes from Roadmap 2014

Roadmap 2014 is a wrap. Katie (my co-chair) and I are grateful for all the generous support from our speakers, our backstage team, our editorial colleagues and most importantly all our attendees. Over next few days, I am going to unplug a little and take a step back and process many learnings from the event. It has left me refreshed, and a little clear about what comes next. Here is an easy way to catchup. These are some of my favorite quotes from the Roadmap 2014:  Continue reading “13 of my favorite quotes from Roadmap 2014”