The (New) Robot Reality

Last week Amazon revealed how it is using robots. Did the company divulge a secret lab where humanoid machines made out of steel are slowly plotting to take over the planet? Hardly. The 320-pound, orange automatons from Kiva Systems (which Amazon acquired in 2012) move high, heavy shelves full of products closer to human employees, speeding up the time it takes to dispatch goods to customers. Continue reading “The (New) Robot Reality”

What I am reading today

YouTube and how it is squeezing the indie labels for its upcoming streaming music service. [Hypebot] Apple’s in-house agency and the marketing rethink – why it is not exactly a surprise. [Ken Segall]  I was Tony Gwynn’s Bat Boy. [David Johnson] [Pick of the day] Kanye West on Brands, Steve Jobs, Apple, Samsung and Beats by … Continue reading What I am reading today