Salesforce Ventures has invested $300 million in Automattic, a company that was started by Matt Mullenweg, a close friend. Our firm, True Ventures, is the earliest backer of Automattic. I am delighted to see two of my favorite people, Bret Taylor (now at Salesforce) and Matt, will get to engage more often. Matt shared his thoughts about the investment, and what it means for Automattic and WordPress, the open-source software platform that now runs 34 percent of the web. Congrats team Automattic and Matt. (Also, TechCrunch interviewed Matt and is worth a read.)

In Benioff we trust

Ari Levy has come up with an old-fashioned and often gone missing style of corporate leader profile of Salesforce co-founder Marc Benioff. If there is any criticism of this piece — there is too little criticism and counterpoints from others. For example, the decision to keep the ICE contract needed more deliberation.  It would have been valuable to get the point of view from others — Microsoft, for example — and get a better understanding of the business of Salesforce. Again, I am nit-picking on what is an excellent profile of a technology CEO who is not shy about speaking up.

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