Most people think of the Covid pandemic in binary terms. You are either for masks or against them. Vaccines or no vaccines. But in reality, the impact of this pandemic is not as straightforward. It is what I learned when reading this piece in Elle magazine.

This story isn’t about Covid, but instead it the story of Megan Lundstrom is both heartbreaking and life-affirming. Lundstrom was a young girl from a small town in Colorado, who signed up for Seeking Arrangement and became a commercial sex worker. She managed to quit, find a way to move forward, go to college, found a mentor, used her connections to get actual data, and offered insights into the world of sex work. Since then, she has helped an anti-trafficking not-for-profit organization.

“Recently, the team discovered an unsettling trend in several cities: an upsurge in SeekingArrangement usage, which Lundstrom says is a direct result of COVID-19,” the story notes. I suggest you read this piece, and you will find it very sobering.

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You can’t make this shit up….

This is from a press release that was emailed to us. I wouldn’t want to give them any attention and a link, but this is just incredible….

….the San Francisco / Bay Area Metropolitan area is Number 1 on the list of cities with the most Sugar Daddies, although they are not the most generous (ranked #29 on generosity). In the San Francisco / Bay Area Metropolitan area, approximately 3.51 out of every 1000 adult men are Sugar Daddies. A typical SF / Bay Area sugar daddy has an average income of $249,926, is worth about $5.7 million, and spends approximately $3,765 a month on his sugar addiction. Approximately 41.6% of them are married.

These kind of press releases makes me sad about where “technology” is headed.