No Shit. Rocket rise of Shinola

America is excellent at marketing and creating brands. And Shinola is a perfect example. From watches to bikes to leather goods, Shinola makes (expensive) everything. It has used the power of narrative and has gone from a being a mocked brand to being one of the coolest. This feature story in AdWeek outlines their rise to the top. That said I remain skeptical and vary of their quality. I wouldn’t buy any of their stuff as it is a lot of  marketing hype. They bought their cred, didn’t earn it. (AdWeek)

Overselling of Shinola

One of the hottest US brands is a company called Shinola (owned by Bedrock Manufacturing) which says it makes watches, denim and bicycles among other things in the city of Detroit, which as we all know has fallen prey to bad times. Shinola became the white knight for the city of Detroit, which has badly … Continue reading Overselling of Shinola