When blogging, be yourself, don’t chase page views

A wonderful piece on how blogging has changed and the role of aggregators that led to the change in blogging behavior. As someone who started blogging earlier than most (but not some,) my original blog was what Tom Critchlow calls the small b blog.  His description reminds me of the “MicroPubs” label I had come up with, back in 2005.

The world has changed, and Tom makes an updated case for why to blog, focus on small audiences and be patient. My favorite line from this blog post: “By chasing audience we lose the ability to be ourselves. By writing for everyone we write for no one.”

Sam Valenti, another friend of mine loves music but gave up Djiing. Now he is back spinning. It is as if he is small-b-blogging. “Much like blogging, I just look at DJing as simply organizing ideas, ” he writes.  Like I said, if we stop treating blogs are publications and think of them as thought spaces, we will have a lot more interesting things to read.

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