What to read this weekend

It has been a tumultuous week — media people around the world are mourning the loss of beloved David Carr, media columnist for the New York Times. He was 58 and died in the newsroom — a befitting end to one true champion of all journalism. David was a real journalist and his legacy will and should be — other journalists trying to do what he did so well all his: report with rigor and honesty, write with feeling and authenticity and and absolutely love the job. He shall remain in my memories for rest of my life.

Here are some stories you might want to read this weekend — they are examples of good journalism and great writing.  Continue reading “What to read this weekend”

Wanna Nuzzel?

Surveys say that people download apps on their phones, try them out and very rarely go back to them and move on to the next shiny thing. This paradox of plenty has come to the app-economy and is basically making second chances virtually impossible. And that’s why when some app manages to breakthrough and become part of your daily habits, you can feel why it is different.

About two months ago, I downloaded an app that has become part of my daily life and in fact has earned a place on the first screen of my iPhone. It is not the prettiest app. It doesn’t have the sexiest swipes. Its colors are monastery chic. Instead, it is simply useful. It is called Nuzzel, a social reader that leaves out complexity and makes reading things people share on the social Internet easier and smarter.

It is one of the many new services that have popped up (or will come to fore) as we all struggle with “too much” content on social sharing platforms. Think of these as mods on top of existing social networks — they are needed to scratch every itch, though their commercial prospects remained to be ascertained. (Instagram lovers should check out Chicago-based developer Nicholas Eby’s Dscvry app for iOS, which doesn’t seem to have any reviews.) Smarter algorithms, better design or just plain simple uncomplicated human-powered social discovery — we need it all.  Continue reading “Wanna Nuzzel?”

What I am reading today

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What I am reading today

Why do New York Mets have a minor league baseball team in middle of a desert? Good question, actually. [The Wall Street Journal] Alex Rodriguez, the gift that keeps giving. MLB & its flawed approach to drugs in baseball. [Craig Calcaterra] Why Yellow Fever is different than “having a type.” [Chin Lu] Apple needs to … Continue reading What I am reading today