Photos: City by the bay at night

SanFranciscoatnight Feb92013 1

It is not very often I cross the Golden Gate bridge. Last week, I went over the bridge twice and it gave me a chance to pause and take a few pictures of San Francisco at night. I also paused to see the sun melt into the Pacific ocean and I got a rare opportunity to take photos of the Golden Gate Bridge basked in the glow of the sun about to sleep. And on my way back, I was fascinated by how light was playing up the beauty and architectural harmony of the Palace of Fine Arts and decided to take a few photos.

I am trying to learn photography with real cameras and as excepted I am struggling with my transition from an iPhoneography to taking photos with classic cameras. I have a Sony RX-1 but it is a tad too advanced for me and so I have also acquired the Sony RX-100, its baby brother to get photos that I normally miss with the RX-1. Here are some of the photos from last evening I took with RX-100.

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