Hip to be Square

Six years ago, when Jack Dorsey announced his second company, Square, we sat down and talked not about the product but the moral imperative behind the company. “We went through the whole payments process and worked on designing a brand-new (person-to-person) payment system,” he said. In several subsequent conversations, private and public, that discussion continued … Continue reading Hip to be Square

I’ll HashTag That!

Comedians use #hashtags as part of their standup routines. Companies have made #hashtags part of their marketing campaigns. Content companies use #hashtags for events and of course, Square has made #hashtags literally money! I was talking to Scott Beale about the ghost of the web past, when Square announced $Cashtags, which is essentially a unique identifier that enables anyone … Continue reading I’ll HashTag That!

Experience Design

These days, when there is talk of design, most people focus on what they can see: the pretty websites, well designed gadgets and brilliantly colored packaging. And while those are important, what matters most to the customers is the whole experience. That experience is essentially a story, a narrative which ultimately enjoins us to a … Continue reading Experience Design