“One of the strategic tasks of an innovator is to deter imitation for as long as possible. This applies not just to companies in established markets, but to startups that are creating new markets. Startups too must try to deter imitation,” writes Jerry Neumann, who happens to be one of my favorite thinkers. He is back with a new essay around moats, innovation, and competition. I would urge you to drop everything and read this piece.


Everyone focuses on their mission. So many focus on their tagline as a way to define themselves. A very few companies think about themselves from the vantage point of values. When it comes to business, values are everything: Values are the strategy Values are the process Values are the product Values are the brand Values … Continue reading Values

What we can learn from GBBO

As a diabetic, I like to torture myself by watching the episodes of The Great British Bake Off — I do so by turning away the iPad screen and just listening to the soundtrack of words, music and wisecracks of Mel and Sue.

My favorite part is the end — the understated celebration of the Star Baker and the goodbyes. The bakers who are eliminated are sent off with so much love, hugs and kind words. The judges aren’t mean. The hosts are effusive in their last words. The family Mel & Sue sandwich. The remaining contestants don’t gloat. In short, the whole idea of losing in the contest is treated in a very classy manner! Continue reading “What we can learn from GBBO”

Elad Gil on startup advice & his book, High Growth Handbook

About ten days ago I caught up with Elad Gil, a Silicon Valley veteran who has written a new book, High Growth Handbook. Even halfway through the book, and I can already tell this is a book that is a valuable asset for those who are running fast-growing companies. It is equally helpful for those of us who aspire to grow fast. Elad has written one of the best books for the Silicon Valley entrepreneurial ecosystem. Continue reading “Elad Gil on startup advice & his book, High Growth Handbook”