Protocol is live

Protocol, a new online publication from the house of Politico is live. It wants to bring a new dimension to coverage of technology, which has gone from being a curiosity to the necessity to now becoming a foundational part of modern existence. ” Technology is no longer just an industry; it’s a global power center … Continue reading Protocol is live

My Top 25 Daily Tech Reporters

I often get asked — who are your favorite technology journalists. I don’t know how to answer that question: they are all good on any given day. Some are great at writing features. Others are just fantastic on a day-to-day basis, displaying a broad sense of understanding. Some are just a great combination of all those characteristics — and here my current top 25 favorite reporters, neatly curated as a  Twitter List of my top 25 reporters who cover technology.

Why? Because they keep me informed on all aspects of the technology industry on a daily basis. They create a comprehensive, 360-degree view of the industry. I have not included subscription-only services such as The Information — I don’t subscribe. I did at one point but wasn’t reading it that much. I also excluded people who didn’t share work of other writers. These 25 people do a good job of being selective and judicious in amplifying and sharing essential reads. This is a role every successful modern journalist has to play. (Related: Amplification and the changing role of media.)

When creating this list, I was looking to recreate the “technology section” of a daily newspaper with the reporters who got the important stories pretty much on a daily basis. The right way to improve this list is to include folks who dig deeper into the financial aspects of companies and the impact of changes in technology on public market equities. But there aren’t many in the tech-media game who are doing that on a daily basis.

I am always open to adding more people, but I find that by forcing myself to pick 25, I am getting a better signal. There are three ex-GigaOmers in the list — that’s not bias, for there are about 15 other ex-GigOmers who are not on the list. They are just good.

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