It is thanksgiving week, and the start of the official holiday season. I am using the holiday break as a way to completely disconnect from the Internet, and media. I am looking forward to two blissful weeks of a total and complete digital sabbatical.

It should give both my eyes, mind and soul a break from the unending data streams. It would be a good way to break from faux-punditry, wannaprenuer sermons and everyone who thinks they are an expert on something or everything. Instead, it will be silence. Glorious silence. 

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

November 23, 2021.


Thanksgiving wasn’t a day I knew about till I moved to the US. Since then it has become my favorite holiday. It is not religious. It is not patriotic. It is not nationalistic. If you forget the historical context on how Thanksgiving came about, and then you realize that at least in the eyes of … Continue reading Thanksgiving