Capital with a purpose

Earlier this evening, my partner and co-founder of True Ventures, Jon Callaghan, gave a keynote speech as the outgoing chairman of the National Venture Capital Association (NVCA), highlighting the virtues of the venture capital industry and its role in the larger economic well being of society. Too often, technology and venture capital have been defined … Continue reading Capital with a purpose


It has been one of those days – I did two meeting before 10 am and since then have been heads down, answering emails and reviewing board decks and preparing for a slew of board meetings. I normally get into the zone, I tend to work from home — thank you WebPass for that awesome … Continue reading Lunch

Bernie’s Day

About eight years ago, I woke up from my surgery, groggy and hazy. The beeps from machines sounded distant. The voices from the corridor outside the small private section of the intensive care unit at the UCSF were muted. I could hear the heavy rain against the window. I was thirsty. And yet all I … Continue reading Bernie’s Day


I have been enthralled with the Internet for over 25 years, warts and all. I have found magic in its mysterious ways, but this week I found myself wanting to escape it. The events of this week — more killings, more outrage and more hatred — left me emotionally drained, wrung dry with a distaste … Continue reading Shouty