Here is what I wrote for New Yorker in 2016

2016, for me, will go down as a year of writing like the old days — back when I used to work for Red Herring and Business 2.0. The opportunity to write for the New Yorker has allowed me to think deep and hard about a lot of issues, and frame them for a different audience all together. The dozen pieces from this year (and an additional one from the last day of 2015) are satisfying. In case you missed any of these, here is a quick rewind. Continue reading “Here is what I wrote for New Yorker in 2016”

Apple, Amazon & Google & the Advantages of Bigness

….the bigness of today’s Big Five gives them an opportunity to keep building larger moats around their platforms. For starters, these companies are able to hoard data, which allows them to become smarter in learning about their customers. Because of their leviathan-scale operations, they have the infrastructure and resources to write algorithms and make their … Continue reading Apple, Amazon & Google & the Advantages of Bigness

Winner Take All

The shutdown of ride-sharing startup, SideCar, is part of technology industry’s reality. It is also part of the new emergent reality — today’s technology business are made up with a tight loop of algorithms, infrastructure and data. Add network effects to the mix, and you start to see virtual monopolies emerge almost overnight. Case in point, Facebook. … Continue reading Winner Take All