The Decimal Clock

If we had ten hours in a day, instead of 24, and if each of these hours had 100 minutes instead of 60, and if every minute had 100 seconds, our clocks would look like this, and the time would be …

Why do we have to restrict ourselves to the 60 minutes and 60 seconds as a construct for time? I would love to see a watch design based on 10-100-100 logic.

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Is Daylight Saving Time good for anything?

Daylight Savings Time is really a pain in the derriere. And also quite dumb in the age of the network and atomic clocks.

It’s absurd – and fitting – that a century later, opponents and supporters of daylight saving are still not sure exactly what it does. Despite its name, daylight saving has never saved anyone anything. But it has proven to be a fantastically effective retail spending plan.

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