It is too cold (relatively speaking) and gray to go out — a perfect day for either reading a whodunnit or watching an excellent crime flick. Thankfully, folks from CrimeReads created a list of the top ten movies adapted from crime novels. I have watched eight out of these ten recommendations. If you have any other films to add to the mix, let me know — either on Twitter or in the comments section below. 

  1. The Maltese Falcon (adapted from the novel by Dashiell Hammett.)
  2. The Big Sleep (adapted from the novel by Raymond Chandler.)
  3. Out of the past (adapted from Geoffrey Homes’ novel, Build My Gallows High.)
  4. Strangers on a train (adapted from Patricia Highsmith’s first novel.)
  5. In the heat of the night (adapted from a novel by John Ball.)
  6. The Godfather (adapted from the book by Mario Puzo.) 
  7. The Godfather Part 2 (adapted from the book by Mario Puzo.)
  8. Devil in a blue dress (adapted from Walter Mosely’s debut novel.)
  9. LA Confidential (adapted from a book by James Ellroy.)
  10. Mystic River (adapted from Dennis Lehane’s book.) 

I have read all of the books except the Mystic River, which I thought was a great movie. I found that books far exceeded the adaptations, but I am biased towards the written word. I have not seen “Out of the past,” and “In the heat of the night.” They are on my watchlist.