Some news today

Our partnership announced that it had raised two new funds. We shared the news with our founders first at our founder camp — held virtually this year. These two new funds, totaling $840 million in fresh capital, are split between the seventh “core” early-stage fund, True Fund VII, at $465 million, and True Select Fund IV at $375 … Continue reading Some news today

Dorian almost drowns the ​Bahamas

In the aftermath of HurricaneDorian, The Bahamas was pretty much underwater, including the Grand Bahama International Airport, Freeport. The yellow line is the coastline which shows so practically the entire island was underwater. Our True Ventures portfolio company, ICEYE shared this image from its satellite and has another more recent update coming that shows the extent of the impact.

From Noon, September 2, 2019

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Intentionet wins the Best of the (Interop) Show

Intentionet, one of True Ventures’ family of companies, has won the Best of Interop Award in the infrastructure category. Interop is a large conference and trade show focused on enterprise and infrastructure technologies. We partnered with the Seattle-based company two years ago, betting that the increasing complexity of networks and omnipresence of networking would require … Continue reading Intentionet wins the Best of the (Interop) Show

In a New York State of Mind

I spent the past few days celebrating the city’s startup ecosystem. Did you know that, of the top ten companies on CNBC’s latest disruptor list, four are based in New York, three are from China, and just one (AirBnB) is from the Bay Area? Software is, indeed, eating the world and creating opportunities everywhere.

New York is very special to me. It is the place where I found myself as a writer and as a man. I finally found a place to belong.  While I live in San Francisco, unlike Tony Bennett, I left my heart in the Big Apple.  Continue reading “In a New York State of Mind”