Just Another Day

Yesterday was one of those rare days when you are told by the universe — how fortunate you are to be alive and do what you do. I participated (well mostly attended and took notes) at the True Atoms summit, where we (aka True Ventures) brought in some of the pioneers of hardware and physical … Continue reading Just Another Day

Status Update

I have hung up my reporter’s notebook for good and retired from the news business. I have joined early stage venture capital firm, True Ventures, as a full partner of the firm. True was the seed investor for Gigaom and the relationship I have with the firm is deep and personal. My post explaining my decision … Continue reading Status Update

Toni & Matt

I respect a lot of people. I admire many people and I love a few dozen people. But there is only a handful I admire, love and respect and Toni Schneider is one of them. I met Toni a decade ago when working on a story for Business 2.0. I met a quiet, thoughtful and … Continue reading Toni & Matt